Zandvliet 2 juli 2017

Saturday 01 July, the birds would go to Nanteuil. Unfortunately, the outlook of the weather was so bad that basketing already been postponed to Thursday to Friday. Also on Friday the outlook was not good but the department would decide Friday evening where the best prospects were to resolve to go there than to drive.

It would be first Niergnies but could not be unloaded and decided to drive to Peronne. Saturday morning there was still rainy and cloudy and the weather just came too late to solve afternoon. Therefore postponed to Sunday.

Also on Sunday was the first but not the afternoon cleared and could be discharged to 14.30 hour. Meanwhile it was all driven back from France to the Dutch - Belgian border and was chosen as unloading Zandvliet.

This time it was the 15-1331378 as 1e came flying. They later found the 5e being of the Association Dove. We can see that we are at the end of the season. The pigeons come back okay but the real rate is out. We miss again a few minutes 1e to become. We further still 8 pigeons in the first 20 the association but also the number of fans and the number of pigeons weekly declines rapidly. (See results)

This weekend yet 1 middle distance race and then is the season for the old pigeons and it's been good. May they rest the rest of the year.


Until next week.

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