Saturday 7 July, the first flight with youngsters. Had they themselves 3 once trained and then once or 7 with a number of fans from our village, so they totally 10 time had been trained. All africhtingen went desired.

We are 1e drilling started 65 and the 10e drilling we there yet 63. With this 63 we started to 1e Flight youngsters from Wijchen.

It is always exciting to see how the 1e flight is. The weather was not great, clear blue skies and a calm north wind are no good prospects, yet we all basked boy to let them gain the necessary experience. We are convinced that your youngsters play flying the youngsters so that they learn a lot as a youngster.

Luckily it was waited to unload so that the fog and ground fog had dissolved. About 08.15 hr, unloaded. The pigeons had a good departure, according to the release committee.

About 09.35 there came 4 swoops and it still flew a few laps but eventually 09.36 hours they were all 4 clocked. Fifteen minutes after the 1e had we been back half, that was good. Thereafter, the dripped reasonable by. eventually 57 of the 63 pigeons found back home base. 10% not, itself that the 1e Flight to mention good. In other enthusiasts it was very different, There are fans who almost 100% had returned but there were also some who had only returned half. Always a mystery where that is on.

We had this time 5e, 6e, 7e in 8e of the association, with further 10 pigeons in the first 25. Pretty good name. Click for results

This weekend the last middle distance race from Bettembourg and 2e youngsters flight. Hopefully it is not too hot and the wind is still slightly to the North West. We will see.

Good luck all.

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