Saturday 14 April 2e Sprint race of the season. Fortunately the wind had shifted to the west and the temperature dropped to normal levels for the time of year.

We were there 51 basketed, 24 doffers in 27 hens. However, a number less than last week but still a nice number. We leave some latecomers of the first flight so they can recover. Next week we will again be able basketing some more.

On Saturday morning it was still quite cloudy but the expectations were that it would slowly clear. The pigeons were then also discharged to 12.00 hour.

From 1e pigeon was clocked at 13.46 hour. We had almost 3 minute wait for the 2e dove but then they were still reasonably smooth succession. A big difference with last week. S'middags on 15.00 am already 50 of the 51 pigeons home. All in all a reasonable expired air.

We had this time 4e place in our society. The victory this time went to the Bekkedam combination / Blockhuis. Men congratulations. Click here for the results.

Next week the pigeons go to Bierges, For us this means a distance of approximately 240 km. As expectations are now running the wind to the Northeast make them look around 3,5 hour will do about. This can be a nice vluchtje.


Very slowly we conduct training on. the pigeons / now train about half an hour. This will be staged next week for an hour. From mid-May, this will 1 hours 15 minutes have to be. We hope we have the pigeons in the month of May and June summit and make good results but it can be so again otherwise. You have many things in their own hands but not all.


All good luck this weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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