Saturday 22 juli de 2e young pigeons flight from Weert. Last week we had it all 52 Young pigeons basketed, unfortunately that went very smoothly and there are eventually 30 come back. So immediately on the first flight a loss of 22 pigeons.

We believe this has several causes. The wind was again unfavorable, this one also came from the south, while the predictions were that it would blow more from the SW. Since the pigeons always go west first when they are released and if they also have wind from the south, they stay on the west side of our department and half of the pigeons fly on to the north of the Netherlands. And then coming back, especially the first flights, is always difficult.

Furthermore, our pigeons did not learn enough in the months of April and May because they did not really leave the loft, they just kept running circles around the loft, so they have little experience.

And on the evening of basketing, when it is reasonably warm, the department decides to fill the entire truck from bottom to top with full baskets. Normally the top 2 rows left free so that more oxygen and air is present in the truck, unfortunately when it comes down to it, the department decides otherwise. Why? A big question mark for us. In the end there are only 4.473 pigeons went along in the truck, and if there is then max 6.000 can then have the top one 2 rows can be left open.

Anyway, now for this week's flight. A number of youngsters had returned later in the week, so we could do it this time 28 join.

Luckily it wasn't too hot, nice temperature and a reasonably good wind, this one came from the SW. A West wind is even better for a good return, but SW is also possible.

Fortunately, it was not released too early, this time around 8.45 hour. Really early releases are often disastrous for the pigeons because then the air is not yet clear and the view is therefore not good. The orientation is then often difficult for the pigeons.

The first pigeons almost achieved a speed of 100 km per hour. So round 10.20 hours the first pigeons would come home. And so it happened. It flew over 10.19 hours a couple of approx 15 pigeons very high over us towards Denekamp. There went there 3 from, because they were very high it took a round or so 4 before they were down.

With the decoy pigeon added, they still sat down on the run and antenna quite quickly. They all became 3 clocked on 10.20 hours and a few seconds.

The other pigeons did reasonably well this time, in contrast to last week, eventually there are 27 of the 28 came back. With the addition of a few pigeons we can hopefully get another one next weekend 30 do pigeons.

The first 3 pigeons had a place in our association 6, 7 in 8 and of the 28 basketted pigeons 13 price. All in all not wrong (See results).

Tongeren is on the program next week.

Good luck all.

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