Saturday 23 July Weert was on the program for the youngsters over a distance of 151 km.

We were there 50 basketed. In the morning they waited a while before unloading until the visibility was good and then 08.30 o'clock it was time and the pigeons went into the air.

What did surprise us is that the pigeons were released with the cars set up in such a way that they fly against each other when unloading, when we see that we always wonder why there has to be unloaded like this. Find an unloading place nearby where the trucks can stand behind each other and the pigeons have enough space to start the flight well.

The pigeons are expected to have a small 2 hours do about. And that happened, from 1e pigeon was clocked at 10.24,45. This one was right on time because there were no reports further in the area. The following pigeons came back pretty well after that. Within 10 minutes he had Reeds 17 passed over the antenna.

It went pretty well with most enthusiasts, yet there were fanciers again this week whose pigeons came back bad. It always remains strange why they come off well with one fancier and less with another.

When making the results it turned out that the first pigeons had done quite well. We had the 1e, 2e 4e in 5e place in society (See results). In the district we now also had the 1e place against 1633 pigeons, and further the 4e, 7e in 8e place in the district. So all 4 very early pigeons.

From 1e place in the district this year was for the 3e time. A nice report of this is on "heart of Twente CC4" See the link below.

We also had a nice price percentage of 60% (30/50)

Next week Tongeren will be on the program over a distance of 199 km.

Good luck all and until next week.

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