Saturday 21 August 2e Natoer vlucht vanuit Weert over een afstand van 151 km.

Deze week wederom alles ingekorfd, en dat waren er 76 namely 26 doffers, 26 hens and 24 youngsters. Er waren een aantal liefhebbers die de jonge duiven niet hebben gespeeld. The predictions were SE wind and then it remains dangerous for inexperienced youngsters. Fortunately, our youngsters are now experienced enough to come home with a SE wind.

It was still thick fog on Saturday morning, views were even less than in the morning 100 meter. Fortunately, the release committee was patient and waited for the fog to be cleared. Release was finally over 10.45 hour. This one 2e After flight it was a release of the entire North of the department, hence 15.783 pigeons that participated in the competition. A nice number for a Natoer flight.

Unfortunately there was a bit of wind from the SE so that there could be no question of early pigeons in the North department on the east side. With a SE wind the pigeons fly too much to the West. The speed of the first pigeons went towards the 85 km per hour. About 12.36 hour we saw the first 2 pigeons come flying. A few seconds later they were already flying 8 above the loft. They went down pretty smoothly this time. Hence also in the first 3 seconds already 5 pigeons clocked.

It went really fast this time, inside 10 minutes he had Reeds 50 clocked. The first early pigeons were all old pigeons but the young pigeons are now also getting better. We were there 76 done and 72 were there very quickly, the other 4 were there later in the afternoon all 4. So everything back home.

In the association there were 283 pigeons, of total 9 lovers. Our pigeons made a great result this time. We had the 1e, 2e, 3e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 7e in 8e place in society (See results). Further 23 pigeons in the first 33, all beautiful early pigeons. The price percentage was again very high and well 80%. (61/76) So all in all a good flight with many early pigeons and everything back home.

This weekend the 3e Nature flees from Burdinne 236 km. Probably with an N-wind and then the pigeons will be there at least 3 hours to reach home base.

Good luck all with the preparations and see you next week.

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