Saturday 17 July the next young pigeons flight. The unloading place this time was Weert over a distance of 151 km. We had hoped that there would be an unloading place that was a lot shorter but unfortunately that was not the case.

We had the last flight there 28 got it back and we all basketed these again. This time the wind came from the North so the speed of the pigeons would not be high. From 1e pigeon reached a speed of 65 km per hour. If they come very slowly then you already know it's going to be another difficult Saturday.

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In the evening when the clocks chimed we had 7 of the 28 basketed pigeons back. At that moment we decided not to basket for the next few weeks.

We first have to ensure that the youngsters get into the rhythm more and can find the home base better.

On the Natoer we will resume the program and basket again.

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