Saturday 17 April 1e real flight of this season. Last weekend the weather forecasts were not favorable, that is why the NPO canceled all flights for that weekend. Our department had scheduled an extra training flight on Tuesday and we had all that 65 pigeons basketted. This training flight went well and all pigeons were back at home in no time.

The pigeons trained well on Wednesdays and Thursdays and we could do all 65 pigeons (31 doffers in 34 hens) basketing again. Weather forecasts were excellent. Maybe not too warm, but otherwise good views and beautiful clear blue skies with white sheep clouds. There is a slight headwind but then the better pigeons also come first.

We were in the district this time 3.923 pigeons basketed, a very nice number for the first flight of the season.

The release was over on Saturday 10.30 hour. The distance for us was 151 km. With headwind they would then be about 2 hours do about, average 75 km per hour. And indeed 12.29 came first 2 swoops, one more round and at that moment they were already there 5 that flew there. That's how fast it goes on a short flight in good weather.

From 1e pigeon that was clocked was the 19-138315 hen 12.29,27. From 2e pigeon went over 12.29,41 of the antenna. The rest followed very quickly. Called around a bit and received times via the app and then we already knew that we had a good number of early pigeons.

In the club we had this time 1e, 2e, 3e , 4e in 5e place and beyond 17 pigeons in the first 30 (See results). In our district with 3.923 pigeons we started on the spot 7, further the 12e, 13e in 14e.

The price percentage was very good, there sat 43 of the 65 pigeons in the price, that's a percentage of 66%. That's a good start.

All in all, so very satisfied, a nice high price percentage and several early pigeons in the results.

This weekend the 2e sprint flight and as it now stands that will be Burdinne over a distance of 236 km. Then it is already about 3 hours of flying.

Good luck everyone with the preparations and see you next week.

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