This weekend was also the start with the youngsters. Always exciting how that will go. We have the youngsters ourselves this year 12 times coached. After that 2 join the department for a test flight and then Saturday 16 July the start of the real flights. We are about with 80 young pigeons started (begin april) and now have 57 basketed.

The youngsters were released in Beek en Donk at 9.00 hour. These pigeons mainly had to do with an N wind. The speed would therefore be around 75 km will be an hour.

From 1e pigeon was clocked at us 10.39,38. It was already clear in advance that this would be a very early pigeon. From 2e pigeon came back quickly and the other pigeons came back reasonably well. We were at the top of the division for a long time against more than 15.000 pigeons but in the end the win went to Mr. Vasterink from Hengelo, die 2 had very early pigeons. Our 1e dove, from 22-8162031 was 3e against 15.201 pigeons. From 2e dove, from 22-8161996 was 7e in the department against 15.201. Both super performances and that on the 1e youngsters flight.

In the association we had the 1e in 2e place (See results), sat further 40 of the 57 basketed pigeons in the price. A good percentage of 70%.

Finally, in the evening 52 of the 57 pigeons found their home base again. Hopefully the losses will remain small in the coming weeks so that we can play the other flights with a nice number of youngsters.

Good luck with the preparations and next weekend is on the program for the youngsters Weert over a distance of 150 km.

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