The NPO website states the following:

Wednesday evening 2 In July we received news that bird flu had been diagnosed in Bad Bentheim, Germany. This is in the border area near Denekamp; in Wrestling. Unfortunately, there are measures that Dutch enthusiasts in the region are taking.

Since 21 april 2021 apply EU rules in the event of outbreaks of bird flu that have consequences for pigeon fanciers and basketting rooms within the three- and ten kilometer zone. The consequences are:

-No birds allowed (so no pigeons either) be transported within three- and ten kilometer zone. Fanciers who live within these areas cannot basket for racing flights.


Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to basket for the latter 2 flights with old pigeons. (1 speed 1 midfond)

We are also not allowed to start the season with young pigeons. This would be Saturday 6 start in July with training from Gendringen. If we have finally had the young pigeons flying well for a year, we should not basket them.

What surprises us is that our German fellow fanciers are allowed to basket their pigeons in the affected area of ​​Bad Bentheim. Also this coming weekend. What do you mean EU rules?!!!!!!! Apparently these are not EU rules, but the Netherlands is once again leading the way with all kinds of crazy rules and legislation that allow enthusiasts to whistle for their championships.. Even if you google “bird flu carrier pigeons” on the internet, it is the first thing you read: Homing pigeons have never spread bird flu.

Unfortunately, we will not be allowed to basket the pigeons for a few weeks, hopefully things will change again soon. wait, we can't do anything else.

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