fly Season 2017 soon start again.

We have linked our pigeons a little later this year than usual the last few years. On 20 January, we did all the breeding and racing pigeons together. We place 27 fly couples and 22 breeding pairs. In total 49 couples. The breeding went well. The first week they were together it was quite cold and came daytime temperatures barely above freezing out. Hence, it also took a few more days there were eggs. No problem. Early February, the eggs hatched smooth succession. In the 2e week of February we have seen all the eggs if they were fertilized and we have some growers (10 couples) moved the eggs to the racers. This one 10 Couple breeders came quickly on eggs so we 49 couple were sitting on eggs. In mid-March there were already 94 boy. That is a good result 49 couples. Almost everywhere layers 2 youngsters in the dish. All in all, a super breeding.

Most racing hens we have on the 3e week of March separated from their cocks. The hens then go to the loft. The cocks sit and ensure that they bring their young. In late March were all youngsters to the young pigeon loft moved so that the cocks were only in their profession. The hens therefore have a week longer had the time to train a little. The cocks train until the beginning of April. We try to peak this year in May and June with our pigeons and months to create beautiful results. Hence, we have also linked a little later and we must ensure that we in April the pigeons get underway and we'll see what they make of this April.

To let the birds get used to that again races we have hens 2 time and cocks 1 once a tiny bit put off. This went well. They were all quickly back everytime.

Saturday 1 April, we had the 1e drilling flight. We could only hens but do it because the cocks hardly had flown around. We therefore only korfden 27 hens. The cocks will next week join. It has been discharged to 10.00 hour and something about 11 was first flown. As usual, and in almost all lovers is the urge to come down there and not really kept turning them. In the meantime, the 2e in 3e ook reeds gearriveerd en na een tijdje kwamen ze naar beneden toe. Daarna kwamen de meeste overige duiven vlot terug en bleven ze steeds een aantal rondjes draaien. Omdat het een africhtingsvlucht is en toch nergens voor meetelt was het niet erg maar hopelijk gaat dat de komende weken anders.

Aankomend weekend begint het dan echt om de punten. Zoals het er nu naar uitziet zullen we 50 duiven gaan spelen. (dubbel weduwschap) We laten een aantal doffers zitten zodat zij de duivinnen kunnen gaan opvangen die als eerste komen.

Good luck all and as the weather forecasts are now good pigeon weather.

Until next week.

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