Report Quiévrain 7 June 2014

It was a hot day Saturday for the carrier pigeons. We were there 33 along which there are 22 flew price. Yet again a percentage of 67%. We are up to now at a price percentage of 70% price.

And if the weather is completely different than going on “Others, Other doves”. Usually the early pigeons to our hens. This time we had 2 cocks on head. So just shows again that you have to play with both cocks and hens to catch pigeons early in all conditions.

The association and interaction with 6 other associations, we again had the 1st. In around 2 our department a 2nd against 4.502 pigeons. Click here for the association results

It turned out to several lovers a spirited flight. Some fans were at the turn of the bells still several good pigeons away. Fortunately we had at the turn all our birds back and we are already working on the next middle distance flight next Saturday.

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