Report Quiévrain 21 June 2014

Last weekend was already the last race of this season Vitesse. It was once again brilliant Postduiven. With an early North East wind which later turned to the North West took the first pigeon still a rate of 1.405 meter. Toch nog weer een dikke 84 km per hour. We had this time there 30 with. (6 doffers in 24 hens) In de kring 2 of our department 9 did have counted 28 pigeons in the price. This means a percentage of 93%. Great almost all birds in the price. We are now up to this flight at an average rate of 75% price. There are to date still 4 pigeons that have not yet missed. (1 duller and 3 hens).

The association was against it 192 competitive pigeons 15 pigeons coaches : 1,3,5,6,7,8,10 etc.. In total we had 24 of the 30 awards, 80% price. See the results here.

Now, the final position of the Vitesse can be made if we are 1e both finished in the Association, Region, a Around. In the department we stand on the highest treetje (See fulltime Vitesse)

There are still 3 Middle distance races. As it looks now, we try also all there 30 pigeons to play.

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