Report Quiévrain 13 september 2014

Last weekend 5e Natoer flight. This time, a flight with a NE wind. The speeds were also significantly lower than in recent weeks. This time we had 15 and we deal with it in the circle against 3.525 pigeons 2e , 10e, 14e ,16e 39e etc.. We had 14 of the 15 awards. In het Rayon pakken we de 1e, 3e 4e, 5e etc.. Again a great rash. The victory went this time to the 12-5201794. This meant for her already 3 this year they are a 1e flew into the Association. They also came out great fast approaching and fell like an arrow on the valve.

Next weekend, the last race of this season. We will be up there 10 inkorven. It is increasingly figuring out what it can still be used. From next week the rest of the pigeons.

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