Nanteuil Verslag the Haudouin 14 June 2014

Last weekend was a tough vluchtje. Meanwhile it was already the 4e middle distance race this season. With a distance of 463 kilometers and a northerly wind, the former reached a speed of about 70 kilometers per hour. The pigeons came again this time great. The first 3 were again together. In this first 3 were again 2 of our first 3 nominated. Ze many all 3 at the same time on the valve. From 12-5201794 However walked straight ahead and thus became the first clocked. This did mean her 2e time she was first clocked. Laon on the first middle distance race she was already the 1e with us in the Association. This time was also 11-1303267 there again at (exactly the same as on Laon) and it was used as 2e clocked. Our 3e dove on the result was the 12-5201763.

In our own society we 1 t/m 12 (All hens) and further 20 pigeons in the first 31 pigeons. In the Rayon against 913 pigeons we had the 2e, 3e, 4e, 6e etc.. (See results). It was just last week 2 cocks on his head, and now the weather the hens that are doing great. All in all an excellent performance.

This weekend is the last flight scheduled Vitesse, again Quievrain.

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