Report Laon 11 May 2014

It's yesterday once again managed to fly teletext.
This time, the birds went to Laon, 382 km. We were there 36 , and in Collaboration with 6 associations we 20 price (56%). A very strong SW wind brought the first pigeons within the 3 hour home. A speed of 2.151 meter per minuut, converted about 130 km per hour.

Last weekend a 3e in 5e teletekst in kring 2 Department 9 against 6.231 pigeons.


Whether it is with head wind (vorige week) or with a hard Zuidwester it makes the pigeons out. They are asked. Super.

The association was against it 17 birds and other coaches in total 280 pigeons : 1,2, 10 etc.. and we had 20 of the 36 awards. Click here for the results.

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