Saturday 21 juli de 3e young bird race of the season.

We had last week nearly all got back and we have every 52 basketed.

The outlook of the weather was not great but they still need it as much as possible for learning on the run.

It has been discharged to 07.15 h and with a distance of nearly 200 km around the former would 2,5 hours do about.

About 09.46,38 we then indeed clocked our 1e dove, it then took nearly 6 minutes before the 2e pigeon was clocked. At that time, you already know that it will be a difficult flight. The first 14 pigeons were reasonable but then caught it they came back dropwise. Ultimately, there are 42 of the 52 come back, unfortunately 10 not back, that's too much, a real shame.

We had this time 2e the association and then the 16e, 18e ,21e etc.. Click here for the results. Not really great but in hindsight we were satisfied with the number of pigeons that returned. In other enthusiasts and even in other departments was really a disaster for some fans. Many lose.

As it stands now with the outlook of the weather we will be Saturday and maybe not next Saturday basketing. At temperatures of 35 Plus and SE wind is not wise to baskets. Hopefully there is also the department thinks the same about. We will see.


Until next time.

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