Saturday 27 Tongeren was on the program in April. A sprint flight over a distance of 199 km.

We had this time 53 pigeons and all 26 doffers in 27 hens. The solution was 10.55 hours and there were a total of the entire department 26.000 pigeons. A very nice number from department 9.

Unfortunately the wind came from the SE so that all the pigeons flew through the center of the country again. Then we never have early pigeons on the east side. From 1e we have clocked the pigeon 13.02,33, this was again the 22-8161984, An 2 old hen. This one had it last week 1e place in society. The pigeons returned reasonably well, but not particularly well like last week. Then the wind was from the NW and then things often went much better.

All the pigeons were home fairly quickly and this time we had the 3e in 9e of the association. It was nice to see the first one 7 pigeons from different fanciers. Sat further 32 of the 53 pigeons in the price, still a fairly good percentage of that 60% (See results)

Next week 3e Sprint flight from Mettet.

good luck everyone.

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