Saturday 29 July already the 3e young pigeons race this season from Tongeren over a distance of 199 km.

We were there 27 basketed. The prospects for Saturday were not good, but when it came Saturday morning it was not too bad and it was pretty good pigeon weather.
Ze will be drawn om 8.15 hours and then with a SW they would be there approx 2 hours flying over.

From 1e was therefore turned around 10.17,06 clocked, unfortunately we had to take a break 2e dove wait. This one was clocked at 10.21,58. So almost 5 minutes and that is too much for such a flight. From 1e pigeon became 9e in the association. The first 5 places were for the Comb this time. Old Lashof, they got them together really well (See results). Congratulations Frans and Riet.

Bierges is on the program next weekend, again 240 km.

As the outlook is now, it's not going to be good, lots of showers on Saturday. We'll see what the weather is like next weekend.

Good luck all.

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