Saturday 29 April, Tongeren was on the program over a distance of 199 km. We were there 59 and putted well 26 doffers in 33 hens.
The weather forecast for Saturday was not bad, but unfortunately it did not clear up in Tongeren. The clouds lingered there and therefore the flight was postponed to Sunday.

On Sunday it was immediately good and it was changed 9.00 hour unloaded. A perfect departure according to the liberation committee.
Unfortunately, the wind had turned to the East again on Sunday, so that early pigeons in our department cannot be involved in such a short flight. Saturday the wind had been good, but then the clouds had not disappeared.

For an early pigeon we had to do something before half 12 to sit. The first was clocked at 11.29,59. One year old cock 22-8162037. From 2e pigeon was clocked at 11.30,45 in the 3e sat about 11.30,52.
The other pigeons arrived quickly so that fifteen minutes after the first pigeon 48 pigeons were home. This one 48 are all included in the price. An attractive price rate 81%

In the association we started with the 5e place, after that the 8e, 9e etc.. in 6 pigeons in the first 17 (See results). A nice result. From 1e place was this time for Vincent Bonnes, with a beautiful early pigeon on the East side. Vincent congratulations.

We are already in good shape in the standings, in the association we are even at the top, while we are at the first 2 flights not yet with the first 3 been in the association. But proof that the pigeons come back quickly one after the other so that enough points are taken.

Marche is on the program next week, a nice unloading place with all 258 km. Probably as the forecasts now are again an East wind. Could be another nice flight.

Good luck all.

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