Saturday 30 Tongeren was on the program for the youngsters in July. This over a distance of 199 km.

we have 45 and putted well 23 young cocks and 22 young hens.

For the umpteenth time there was a calm wind from the NW so that the speed of the first pigeons was around the 85 would lie. The pigeons were 09.45 hours and had a good departure.

About 12.08,31 do we have our 1e dove found, it was this time the 22-8161977. Then we almost had to 3 minute wait for our 2e and next pigeons. After that they came back very well but the first pigeons were just not early enough for really early pigeons in the results. We had this time 6e, 12e, 13e pigeon in the association. (See results).The price percentage was again good, we had 31 of the 45 pigeons in the price, an attractive rate 69%.

Next week it will be a department release for the first time. We always only solved with North but now South is also added. The unloading place for next Saturday is Bierges over a distance of 240 km. The wind will probably blow from the N so they will soon be one 3,5 hours will fly by.

Good luck all and until next week.

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