Saturday 25 August 2e Natoer flight this season. This time a little more than last week and it Tilburg, away for our pigeons 160 km.

We were there 63 basketed, a nice number, 19 old hens and 44 youngsters. (21 doffers in 23 hens)

Fortunately, our department decided to just fly on Saturday. Other departments were already on a flight Friday, all because the weather forecast for Saturday mid week were not great. It rained in the morning but first also quite low 10.0 hours would clear and that was exactly like this. The skies were brilliant blue and the views were amazing, and with a west wind would be hard.

The pigeons were then also discharged to 10.00 hour. The expectation was that they around 100 would get kph. And they did indeed, even more.

For good half 12 we saw the 1e come, very high, so it took a few laps before they were down. As 1e This time was clocked the 17-1741580 old hen to 11.33,46, and thereafter in the same second the 17-1716525. Then they came back great. With about 10 minutes he had Reeds 43 passed over the antenna. Sometimes they came in groups down, really a very pretty sight.

We had this time 5e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 9e etc. in the association, and further 23 pigeons in the first 46 a super result (See results). It also inspired all pigeons who know what matters.

This weekend again 2 flee, The old hens go on Natoer and all the boy go to the youngsters flight Nanteuil, which will be a spicy vluchtje over a distance of 463 km, Hopefully the wind from the west will blow but we will be seeing Saturday.

Good luck all.

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