Dizy Le Gros

We didn't bring any pigeons with us on this flight with youngsters. In the department 9 for this flight 3.244 pigeons basketed.

From 1e pigeon of the entire department was this time from Frans Arentz from Ulft. It was the 19-1441490. The speed of this pigeon was 2.122 meter per minuut, very high. Frans has been coming to us for a number of years and this one 19-490 is therefore one 100% Gebr. van Langen pigeon. Both father and mother of this pigeon come from us. A great performance and from this side Frans congratulations with this very nice result.

Heusden Zolder

Also on this flight for the south of our department a fancier was successful with a pigeon whose mother comes from us. Mr. H. J. Kroeze from Lochem. From 18-1604879 hen confiscated the 1e place of the association and came to a 18 spot in the South Department against 6.633 pigeons. Also Mr. Kroeze congratulations with this great achievement.


On Saturday 10 August there was a Natoer flight from Tilburg in the program. We had this time 72 basketed, 49 old birds and 23 youngsters.

It was a flight at high speeds, The wind was blowing hard from the west.

Within a half hour the 1e dove found, This time it was a youngster, from 19-1338331. That's always a beautiful young pigeon beats the old experienced pigeons.

As 2e pigeon it was again the 17-1741506, This hen has several top prizes consequences. Again, a strong west wind she does it perfectly. She is also topped with pigeon championship which applies on all flights.

As 3e dove it was 18-1552121 old hen, Also this pigeon is doing very well this year.

We had this time 1e, 3e, 5e, 8e in 10e of the association. With further another attractive price rate 56%. (See results).

This weekend the 3e Natoer race of the season. We probably give the cocks peace and we only play with hens and youngsters.

Good luck all.

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