Saturday 6 July already the 8e Vitesse flight this year. A flight where both young and old birds were basketed be. We have also participated both.

The youngsters went not. This was almost all lovers case. At the moment almost all the old pigeons only came the 1e youngster. After that, they were added dropwise within, we ended 25 of the 38 basketed youngsters got back. Earlier last week on a drilling from Wijchen we have 25 youngsters lost. We have decided to temporarily not to play with youngsters.

In contrast, the old birds were great back. We were there 51 basketed.

Tilburg for us 160 km. and they were discharged to 08.00 hour. They are unloaded with a SW wind calm and the weather was also good. Therefore, it was also expected that they around 09.40 would come hours. An expected rate between 90 in 100 km per hour.

We had just finished and are all falling at the time of the first 3 pigeons already on the valve. incredibly fast, on 09.29,19 was the 1e clocked and that meant a rate of nearly 108 km per hour.

This time it was the 3-year old cock 16-1173582 which he described as eerste what. After that 2 old hens in quick succession, namely on 09.29,32 and on 09.29,33.

About 10 minutes after the 1e had clocked, what number 40 even within, if this 40 pigeons were as it turned in the price. A great percentage of price 78%.

Next we had the 1e, 2e, 3e, in 4e of the association, beside 9 pigeons in the first 13. See results

In short, the old birds do the hitherto perfect this year. Hopefully they keep this full several weeks. We still have 1 speed 2 middle distance races on the program.

This weekend a middle distance race from Nanteuil.

Good luck all.

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