Saturday 20 April 2e Sprint race and have a distance from Tilburg 160 km.

We had this time 63 basketed, 28 doffers in 35 hens. Quite a large number but as long as the flights are such that 90% within half an hour after the 1e Dove is back, then do this is good for all pigeons.

It was a lot warmer than last week. The sky was clear and blue, but nevertheless it was good weather for the pigeons.

About 09.45 hours, it was warmed up enough, and the pigeons were released at a wind NO, Once again therefore with the head wind.

This time it would be a big 2 Flying hours are. About 11.56,04 was also the first clocked, it was the 18-1552181 old hen. Soon after followed the 2e in 3 dove, both in the same minute.

As 4e Dove was the 17-1741506 clocked, this one 2 old hen was last week found early results, namely as 2e to almost 2.000 pigeons. And if 5e Dove was the old cock, from 18-1552120 found, this pigeon had last week 1e to almost 2.000 pigeons. An achievement that both birds were back early results.

our 1e designated pigeon, from 15-1131400 (the only pigeon 2015) sat as our 8 dove early results.

The other birds came this week great back. We had this time in our rayon 52 doves 63 basketed pigeons in the price, a very attractive rate 83%. And almost 40 yearlings of 63, you may be satisfied.

In the association we had the 1e, 2e, 3e, 4e and also many early pigeons in the rash.

Furthermore, this weekend come back all the birds of the air and we again next week 63 can basketing.

Next week it will be a total solution division for the first time this year that approximately 25.000 pigeons are to be redeemed. Still a nice number for our department. As expectations now is the wind blowing from the SW so that the rate will be significantly higher than the last 2 weeks. The unloading is Saturday Bierges over a distance of 240 km.

Good luck all and until next week.

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