They have in Nanteuil


From 3e Natoervlucht this season. We again had all 19 hens and 5 youngsters participated. In total 24. This time Duffel was unloading a distance of nearly 220 km.

Again it was the 17-1741580 old hen like last week first arrived. She was clocked at 11.37,18 hour.

It took the second came just after they arrived quickly at home. Of the 24 basketed pigeons we had 20 in the price, a very nice rate 83%, See results


Also this weekend the 8e young bird race on the program, he went to a distance of Nanteuil 463 km!. We had all 41 Young pigeons basketed, a great number have to do with this flight.

The first pigeon was 18-1552178 and was clocked at 14.59,09 hour. A super early bird, later it turned out that they 1e pigeon Rayon. In the circuit, they obtained the 4e place.

The pigeons came back pretty good and finally we had here 14 of the 41 in price and also we had the 1e, 3e, 5e, 6e etc. in the association, See results

Furthermore, the pigeons came home well. There are 40 of the 41 come home.

This weekend again a Natoervlucht namely from Bierges.

Good luck all.

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