Beek en Donk

Saturday 22 June Beek en Donk was scheduled. A flight where both young and old pigeons are released at the same time.


Because we had not quite super youngsters and also prospects (NO wind and crisp blue sky) For youngsters were not good, we have left this happy home. In hindsight a wise decision. Youngsters were very difficult and progress was very slow.


We did all our old 54 pigeons basketed, these pigeons with a lot of experience was not a problem and coming from such a short flight then great again.

The pigeons were released at 08.45 hours and for a distance of 127 km first arrived 2 if 10.29 hours flown. This time it was the old pigeons, 18-1552181 which was first detected. From 2e was an old hen, from 18-1552171, Both hens doing super good this year.

Then the birds came back very well, inside 12 minutes he had Reeds 42 and it had all price, the prize percentage will therefore amount to 78%

In the association we 25 pigeons in the first 50, again so many early birds. We had the 2e, 4e, 7e, 8e in 9e of the association. See results

From 1e this time again was for Koen Seiger, with the 17-1741824 great cock that comes from us and who performs weekly at him very well. Koen congratulations and continue for several weeks as by. The pigeons are in shape but it is an art to maintain that for a few weeks.

It stays warm for the next week, hopefully with the youngsters through and take the department of NPO a wise decision to call it off. The old birds are better at it, maybe one day later basketing on Friday and a race of 300 km would be nice. We will wait and see what the department decides in the coming days.

Good luck all and go easy on those hot days.

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