Start of the season 2024

As in previous years, we have in the first week of 2024 all pigeons, both breeding and flying linked. That went to complete satisfaction. Most pigeons hatched eggs fairly quickly and the young pigeons grew up well.

At the beginning of March we separated the racing hens again so that they were not left alone 2e come to terms with eggshells. From the 2 We started training the hens in the week of March. The cocks usually stay in the nest for a week longer to ensure that the young grow up. These cocks therefore start flying out a little later and start training again.

At the beginning of April, training will slowly become more rhythmic, but we will be very careful with this. They should be good in the months of May and June, then the beautiful flights. Na 2 small training sessions of our own and one from the department, the season is on Saturday 20 April started with a first Vitesse flight from Beek en Donk.

Beek en Donk

We always play double widowhood in the first flights and that meant that there 55 pigeons have been basketed. (27 doffers in 28 hens)

Beek en Donk travels a distance of 127 km. The predictions were for a NW wind so that the speed was around 80 km per hour would drop. There were many showers in the air in the morning. The release committee therefore waited until 12.10 hour to release the pigeons. A perfect release with a good departure.

In total, in the North Division there were approx 15.000 pigeons in competition, a nice number. were in our own area 2794 pigeons that came along.

From 1e pigeon was clocked at us 13.41,48, this was the designated hen 22-8161984. This hen already has one as a young pigeon 1e flown in the entire North department 9. Because the 1e pigeon sat for a while, number came 2 right behind it, this cock the 22-8162036 was clocked at 13.41.49, so a second later. Then the pigeons came back great for a first flight. The sky was also super beautiful and the visibility for the pigeons was perfect and they apparently had no showers along the way. Within 10 minutes he had Reeds 38 back from the 55 and these all had a price.

In the association we had the 1e, 2e, 6e, 7e etc.. with further 22 pigeons in the first 47 in the strong association. A top result on such a short flight (See results)

It must be said that as an association we had a problem with the Unikon clocks. Apparently the Atomic Clock on all Unikon clocks did not work properly, causing all these enthusiasts (about half of it) was given a number of penalty seconds for each pigeon. If that had not been the case, Gerald ten Thij would have been the 1e in the 2e had a place with his pigeons. We immediately made a test flight on Monday evening and hopefully ensured that it will work properly next weekend.

This weekend the 2e Vitesse flees with the entire department from Tongeren over a distance of almost 200 km.

Good luck all.

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