St. Quentin 9 May 2015

This time it was St. Quentin on the program, as it looks now we fly this station 4 once with the old birds. The weather forecasts were on Thursday and Friday is not really great. If it is Saturday and the weather is not too bad then you are relieved. The pigeons were released at 10.15 hour. Pity that there is a strong south-west wind was blowing. But also the type of operation, you have a few times a year, and even then you have to be. The speeds of the first pigeons came out at about 115 km. per hour. We had this time a yearling hen on head. The pigeons were also reasonably well. Every minute there was a dove. We had this time 1e, 3e, 4e,8e, in 10 in association with further 11 pigeons in the first 23. For us another perfect rash.

Next weekend again St. Quentin. Hopefully once again with head wind from the north so they o'clock 5 about to fly. Then the real cracks come ahead.

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