St. Quentin 13 June 2015

Saturday 13 June stood St. Quentin on the vliegprogramma. By clouds and rain could not be asked unloaded them on the go. Fortunately, the clouds and rain away in time so as to 12.15 hour could be unloaded. It was once again a flight with a strong southwest wind. Our pigeons had to cover a distance of 379 km. The first pigeon was clocked at 15.39 hour. That meant a rate of 111 km per hour. We were this time not at the top 3, club-mate Vincent Bonnes had this time 3 Early birds. We started with the 4e and then the 6e, 8e, 10 etc.. and had 13 pigeons of the total 31 basketed pigeons in the price. All in all, just under the flights of the past 2 month. See the results

This weekend again a Vitesse flight and do Quievrain over a distance of a fat 300 km. Hopefully the weather predictions for this weekend off and the wind blow once again from the North so that they have the wind once again in the lead. But it still takes 5 days and then everything will be different again. We'll see.

Furthermore, we are busy with the training of our 68 youngsters. We still have a week or 5 Before the races begin with youngsters but so far this is pretty good. They fly well at home and come back quickly from the training flights.

Success in the coming weeks.

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