Saturday 8 juni the 3e This year's middle distance flight, the unloading point would be Arcis sur Aube over a distance of 450 km are, but because this unloading point was not available, they moved to Sourdun over a distance of 495 km.

A best middle distance flight, but because the wind came from the SW it should be easy for the pigeons. That's why we have 40 pigeons basketed, this time 17 doffers in 23 hens. Finally a weekend where you can say on Friday that the pigeons will be released on time. The weather looked good for the entire Saturday, beautiful clear skies and the temperature not too high.

The pigeons were released at 7.15 hour. The first 150 km there was almost no wind so the speed was around 80 km per hour would be and the last 345 km they would have a bit of a tailwind, causing the speed to increase to almost 100 km per hour. It was a very nice flight for our pigeons, This time they came back fantastic from a middle distance flight from 495 km.

From 1e dove, from 22-8162035 was clocked at 12.40,41. Well on time. From 2e in 3e pigeon followed quite quickly and were clocked 12.42,36 one about 12.42,54. These were the birthday hens 23-9037033 in the 23-9037108. The first 3 pigeons come from the bloodlines of Ad Schaerlaeckens, Gebr. Leideman and our own old Heremans kind. It's great that pigeons from the new lines are also starting to do well.

The other pigeons then also came back very well. The first 31 pigeons all had prizes, again a nice percentage of 78%.

Our pigeons were in place in the association 1, 2 in 3 (See results). In the district against 1743 pigeons they arrived at the spot 2, 3 in 4 to stand. A very nice result.

This weekend there are 2 flee, a sprint flight and a one-day long distance flight. As it is now, most pigeons will participate in the sprint flight and some in the one-day long distance flight.

Good luck everyone with the preparations.

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