Season 2021 from start

We have in the 1e week of January all our breeding and racing pigeons were coupled. In total there were this year 60 couples. Quite a lot and all courses were almost full. Breeding was nevertheless not great. Most of the hens had laid at the end of January. As we always do, we have shifted the eggs from the breeders to the racing pigeons. We had quite a few old cocks among the breeding cocks. Unfortunately the eggs of all these old cocks were not fertilized, also from the 2e round no. We also had a number of late young hens that did not hatch eggs very well. Then at the beginning of February the cold will be over and then the number of youngsters will be less than you had hoped for in advance. Nevertheless, that is also pigeon sport.

The whole month of March you think that the flights will be postponed, Corona, curfew etc.. Training the pigeons is difficult because the time has not moved yet. But then it comes anyway 26 March the redeeming word that the flights will continue as usual. Then the pigeons just quickly 1 times and then they have to be there.

Saturday 3 April the start of the season 2021.

As is often the case, the weather forecast was not very good. Cold with a North wind. For many enthusiasts that is already a reason not to participate in the first (test) race of the season. Of course we also look at the weather, but that is almost never a reason not to participate, especially not in spring. In the height of summer with southeast wind and 35 degrees we sometimes want to leave our youngsters at home, but not with clear and cold skies. Pigeons can handle that quite well. The distance 78 km also represents nothing at all.

In our association De Zwaluw we have 6 lovers basketed. We had all our pigeons ourselves (69) basketed. (33 doffers in 36 hens)

The weather on Saturday was not yet excellent for the first few hours, cloudy and no good views yet. But from 10.30 hours the clouds started to break and it was another hour before it hit the unloading site, Kalkar also opened. The solution was 11.30 hour. With a calm north wind and a distance of 78 km you know that the first pigeons take about an hour.

And about 12.28 h was first flown, seconds later there were already 3 Bee. An extra round and round 12.28,30 the first was clocked. The first minutes they came really great. On 12.31,04 we clocked all our 15e dove. (so inside 3 minutes)

Then it trickled through reasonably so that late afternoon 63 of the 69 found it home again.

‘S Afternoon at 17.00 hours made the result. Vincent Bonnes had dit keer de 1e of our association. (Vincent congratulations) After that were place 2, 3, 4 in 5 and further 7, 8 in 9 and so on for our pigeons. This time because it was another test flight 15 associations submitted all files. In totaal waren er 4.383 pigeons in competition. In this result, department 9 North we had made a great result. We were there too 2e, 3e, 4e 5e etc.. of in total 4.383 pigeons. In the first 37 we already had pigeons in the North section 15 pigeons, perfect. In our hometown De Lutte there were many early pigeons. All in all, a good start to the season 2021.


Next week then the 1e price this season's flight. We will see what that brings.

Good luck everyone with the preparation and see you next week,

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