A one-day long distance flight was also planned for this weekend. This went from Saulieu over a distance of 595 km.

These pigeons also had the wind behind them. We were there 5 basketed, All hens. The speed of these pigeons was slightly lower, because the wind became slightly less strong during the day.

The solution was 09.30 hour and the pigeons had a good departure. From 1e pigeon was clocked at 15.12,01. The rest 4 came home fairly quickly after the first pigeon. From 1e pigeon landed on spot 5 of the result. The rest 4 pigeons were also all included in the prize. so 100% price (See results). Very nice.

Vincent Bonnes had the 1e place and even in the entire department 5402 Vincent took the pigeons 1e place with his 2 old hen. Vincent congratulations, a good result.

Next weekend there is a Grand Prix flight on the program with the entire department 9, 10 in 11. This is a middle distance flight and as it stands now it starts from Chalons en Champagne.

We will see what it will be.


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