Reportage PiPa 2014

Gebr. van Langen (De Lutte, NL)
grab the top prizes in the Dutch national competitions 2014

It was already known that the Gebr. Langen wrote to the national middle distance hokkampioenschap their name. Now they also seem once the Best Fans in the prestigious competition WHZB / TBOTB.

A familiar sight this winter, honourings

De Gebr. van Langen

This combination is formed by the brothers René and Peter Langen. Both are in their forties. René, the youngest of the bunch, was the one who started the sport. In 1984 he joined a pigeon association. In 1990 Peter has joined his brother and since that time they play together as Gebr. van Langen. They are members of PV De Zwaluw in Oldenzaal. René and Peter have specialized in the sprint races with young and old birds. In distance terms, be that the flights ranging from 128 t.e.m. 463 km. In big weekly has been wrestling with lovers in the department 9 East Netherlands. Throughout the season the birds found themselves in excellent shape. No less than three weeks in a row rural teletext listing was achieved. Weekly were very nice series put down. In addition, a striking number of early birds and high price levels. An overview of the most impressive results of the year 2014 achieved in the department 9 Around 2 CC 1:

12-04 Deurne 128 km 1888 d. 4–5–6–7–8–10–11–15–21–27–29–30–32– etc.(26/38)
19-04 Tongeren 199 km 1890 d. 4–9–10–11–13–17–21–24–25–26–30– etc.(31/37)
03-05 Nivelles 267 km 1773 d. 1–2–6–8–16–18–21–28–34–36–47–48– etc.(29/36)
11-05 Laon 382 km 1444 d. 1–3–45–58–77–78–81– etc.(20/36)
17-05 Morlincourt 414 km 1403 d. 1–3–4–6–7–13–14–19–20–22–49– etc.(23/35)
24-05 Quievrain 313 km 1076 d. 1–3–21–22–35–37–41–51–52–54– etc.(24/32)
31-05 Peronne 390 km 1272 d. 2–3–4–8–9–13–17–19–27–56–62– etc.(25/32)
07-06 Quievrain 313 km 1018 d. 1–4–7–9–18–21–24–25-41–49- etc.(22/33)
14-06 Nanteuil 463 km 913 d. 2–3–4–6–17–20–21–23–27–28–29–31– etc.(22/32)
21-06 Quievrain 313 km 818 d. 1-3–5–6–7–16–18-27–39–41–42–43–46–48–50– etc.(27/30)
16-08 Deurne 128 km 1387 d. 3-4–5–6–7–8–9–10–11–12–13–14–15–16–19- etc.(20/20)
13/09 Quievrain 313 km 559 d. 1–3–4–5–13-22–32– etc.(13/15)

The main achievements Titles 2014

Dear Lover WHZB / TBOTB
National Middle Distance hokkampioen
Superstar Netherlands middle distance of the month of May in the Golden Pigeon competition
1e Designated Speed ​​Division 9
1e Unassigned Vitesse department 9
1e Designated middle distance Division 9
1e Asduif Midfond afdeling 9

De basis

The basis for all these successes was laid in the year 2006. That year comes the NL96-1580149 The Magic Man. This blue cock won himself o.a. 1st Heverlee 3008 d. and was often pigeon in association and CC. More important was his breeding value he from the year 2000 if display. One of his daughters, de NL00-1356644 Magic Woman, later revealed himself as a very important breeding hen. It is remarkable that it only from the year 2009, at the age of 9 so, shows its true breeding value. From that year she has many excellent fly- and spawned breeders, waaronder de NL09-5921465 Miss Evita, in 2011 ace in the middle distance club of the department 9. At the presentation of a number of exceptional performance pigeons later in this report will be the input of Magic Woman clearly. From 2008 pigeons are annually purchased from Kas and Karel Meijers (Ootmarsum, NL) Race Heremans-Ceusters. These birds are successfully inserted into the trunk. Successfully were also a few pigeons from Jan and his daughter Leanne van de Pasch (Grubbenvorst, NL) crossed. End 2012 a visit was made to Stefaan Lambrechts (Berlaar, BE). Also the Belgian mirakelhok some pigeons moved to De Lutte. Or the input of these pigeons will be successful should reveal the future.


NL00-1356644 Magic Woman

The system

The double widowhood is played by René and Peter taking a leading role for the widow hens. Only with some better cocks participating in the races. The hens are played each week to keep them in good rhythm and prevent mutual couples. Before basketing the cocks and hens are allowed to enjoy ten minutes of each other's presence after which they quietly go into the basket. The pigeons only train in the evening. The males are the first to fly one hour, followed by the hens. Especially this last group trains great. They really whiz around the lofts. For the training of the hens, use is made of a flag. The youngsters are released earlier in the day. The calling in of the youngsters performed by Bernard and Hilda, the parents of the brothers. René and Peter, both actively participating in the labor force, which is of great value. Allowing them to evening fully focus on the training of the old birds.


As Best Lover of Netherlands WHZB / TBOTB you must have some exceptional racing pigeons. Prove the following toppers that each had a large share in the success story of the Brothers of Langen:

pipe_2014_fallonNL11-1303267 Fallon


The racing team was led by the NL11-1303267 Fallon. They did start quite remarkable in the racing season 2014. Hurt by an accident in the loft she that her leg so it had to be splinted. René and Peter thought the flight career was over Fallon. However, they quickly recovered miraculously causing both decided to play her yet again. That has vastly out well. Fallon is a granddaughter of Magic Woman. Her father was in 2010 purchased from Kas and Karel Meijers and has its origins in the Heremans-Ceuster Pigeons. If you want to see the pedigree of Fallon You can click here. In 2013 Fallon already experienced a great season and was ao. 1e Ace Vitesse in CC De Grensstreek. In 2014 She was 1st Ace pigeon middle distance of the entire department 9. At national level, it finishes as 11th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance. Category A vitesse she misses, 4th Dutch pigeon, on her the Olympiad in Budapest 2015. Her finest performances 2014:

11-05 Laon 3 – 1444 d.
31-05 Peronne 3 – 1272 d.
14-06 Nanteuil 3 – 913 d.
13-09 Quievrain 5 – 559 d.
03-05 Nivelles 6 – 1773 d.
21-06 Quievrain 7 – 818 d.

From 763

The NL12-5201763 is a blue hen. It is again a successful confirmation of the intersection of the line with the Magic Man-Heremans-Ceuster Duiven. For the pedigree of the 763 You can Click here. From 763 werd in Kring 2 CC 1 speed op 8th, mifond on the 10th and on the natourvluchten 4th in the final standings of the asduifkampioenschap.

From 784

The NL11-5002784 is a blue cock. In the year 2011 he was the best youngster of the department 9. His mother Vickey is a granddaughter of BE96-6598538 Lowieke from Jan van de Pasch. Father NL10-1235841 Little Giant again the race Heremans-Ceusters. He is a grandson of the BE01-6455003 Olympiad. From 784 werd 4e asduif vitesse en 5e asduif midfond in Kring 2 CC 1. His best performance in 2014 was third in Quievrain (818 d.) If you want to look at his pedigree, please click here.

From 362

De NL12-1195362 de 362 is a granddaughter of Magic Woman. She is also a confirmation of the successful crossing with the Heremans-Ceuster Pigeons. To see the pedigree of the 362 You can click here. From 362 was in 2014 a fixture in the racing team. On 17 May, it won the race from Morlincourt (1403 d.). She was both the sprint and middle distance ace 2nd Circuit 2 CC 1.


NL11-1303278 Miss Perfect, granddaughter of Magic Woman

Miss Perfect

The NL11-1303278 Miss Perfect is again a granddaughter of Magic Woman that she was linked to the NL08-2115622 Phantom (Heremans-Ceusters). Click here for her pedigree. In 2012 handle them with second place at Chalons (27532 d.) Charleville (16163) just off a victory in the division 9. In 2014 she finished 9th Ace pigeon Sprint and Ace Kidfond in 6th Circuit 2 CC 1. For a comprehensive overview of the performance of the proposed top pigeons, please click here.

In unison with the youngsters

De Lutte know René and Peter himself surrounded by some great sport enjoyed. They have joined forces when it comes to the education of the young guard. Mention is made of a lot of work by this group. In late May will start joint training flights of the youngsters with a cart that a decade ago was specially constructed for that purpose. By this method of training flights continue to significantly reduce the losses.


René and Peter have their specialty, the sprint races, elevated to art. They know in sports supported by both parents. Also two brothers (Jos en Marcel) often follow the arrivals of the pigeons. In 2014 it was for all of them enjoy the beautiful pigeon.

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