Saturday 26 May already the 6e Sprint race of the season. Also this weekend was the 1e Day long distance race from Pithiviers. Luckily we foresee that this would be a very tough and we all basketed pigeons Quivrain. In retrospect a good decision and we had a tough Quievrain.

As we wrote last week you do participate 2 flights in one weekend but everything must sit with. You should basketing on Thursdays and Fridays, feeding is difficult because the one-day already basketed on Thursday and therefore already have plenty on Tuesday and Wednesday, and maybe just a little too much for Vitesse pigeons, training on Thursday is difficult because half is already underway, etc.. etc.. With us are all males in one cage and the same goes for the hens. This order is not easy to 2 Flights to join.

This time we had 48 basketed, 20 doffers in 28 hens. The hens were trained. The cocks are more difficult to train but the hens flew back their laps at speed.

It was a warm Saturday and the wind came from the east. In advance all the ingredients for a special race despite the distance 314 km have been doing.

The pigeons were released after raising the fog and bad views for 09.15 hour. With an east wind will be the first round of the 70 km per hour to fly. This makes them fly all thick 4,5 hours. We had the first time got through from the south of the department and for the same speed they would with us 13.45 hours should be. Basically they can to speed the final 80 km not hold thus it also 14.00 hour could be.

when on 13.46 hours 1e came flying we knew that would be very early. They flew several circles around the loft and eventually went to 13.47,17 of the antenna. A super early bird, which could not otherwise. It was this time 17-1741551 old hen. Then came as 2e the dove 17-1741510 and she was clocked at 13.50,31. Fortunately our raft back there came 1e drawn to the 17-1741529 also old hen and clocked at 13.51,06. There were very happy, it is common 1e in the section on the Vitesse. They will now anyway remain with this result. perfect shower.

Furthermore, the pigeons came back well. However, were the first 8 pigeons all hens. The cocks do not wrong, but can not beat the hens.

In making the result was only once again that the pigeons had put down a perfect performance. We had the 1e, 2e, 3e, 4e etc. In addition, with 15 pigeons in the first 33 in the association. we were even in the Rayon 1e, 3e in 5e with a further price percentage 54% (26/48) A super result.

This weekend there is a middle distance race again, this time from about Laon 380 km. It keeps summers in Netherlands and Belgium and the wind is still blowing from the north to the East that we will again have a tough race.

Good luck all, Enjoy the beautiful weather and until next week.

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