Quievrain in Semaises


Saturday 22 May Arlon was on the program. Because it rained a lot all week, the advice was not to unload in the Ardennes but to divert to Quievrain. This would increase the chance of a release.

Saturday, however, it was raining all day and it was impossible to unload. The flight was postponed to Sunday. Sunday it was immediately good. The pigeons were released at 08.30 hour. We were there 34 with and well 17 doffers in 17 hens.

Quievrain is for our pigeons over a distance of 313 km. The wind was SW and it was blowing quite hard. The first pigeons would reach a speed of almost 120 km per hour.

From 1e pigeon was clocked at us 11.15,51, from 2e clocked at 11.16,00 in the 3e dove 11.16,06. From 1e pigeon only came very soon there came 2 when flying and the three of them still flew 10 circles around the trees. Unfortunately this took a few minutes. Later we heard from other enthusiasts that they had that too. Maybe because of the strong wind. The other pigeons came back reasonably well after that. Luckily we did 4 pigeons reasonably well on time and 2 of our first 3 designated pigeons were also among the first in the results.

We had this time 2e, 3e, 5e in 7e pigeon of our association (See results). A nice result and beyond 15 of the 34 pigeons in the price. All in all not wrong.

It also continues to go well in the stands. At the Vitesse we are in many overviews on the 1e yes 2e place.


There was also a one-day long distance flight on the program. Like last year, we basketed a number of them. This time there were 24 namely 11 doffers in 13 hens.

These were also released on Sunday but at 08.00 hour. These were in Sermaises over a distance of 563 km.

From 1e pigeon of this we clocked at 13.25,22. In the association we had the 3e, 8e in 9e place with a total of 12 of the 24 basketed pigeons in the price (See results).

Vincent Bonnes had the 1e place, Vincent congratulations, well done.

On to next week, a middle distance flight from Nanteuil over 463 km. With a North wind (prediction) can that be a tough but also very nice flight.

Good luck everyone with the preparations.

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