Quievrain in Melun


The last we had Natoervlucht 12 basketed, all old hens. The weather was again excellent. Ze will be drawn om 9.00 hour.

They also came well off. This time it was the 17-1741522 which was the first on the antenna. Then came the 598 in 400 smooth one behind the other. We had finally 8 of the 12 in the price, a good percentage of 67%. (See results)


For the last young bird race we had only our young hens (17) basketed.

Training the young males were less in recent weeks why it had been good for that group. The youngsters sat at a nice distance from 516 km. The pigeons were released to 08.30 hour.

The advance in the department were the pigeons good half 2 already fallen. If we wanted to achieve at the same rate we had clocks 14.21 hour. Normally that's not to hurry with overflight 80 km but the 1e indeed came 14.21 swoops. Another round of additional and 14.21,22 she was clocked. That was a super early bird, then could not otherwise.

At night when creating the result was that sometimes out, she became 1e Department 9 North, a fantastic result and that the last young bird race of the season. It was also called the price too percentage of youngsters good, 10 of the 17 sat in the price, a good percentage of 59% (See results).

All in all a very nice end of season.

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