Saturday 6 June Quievrain was again on the program. This would then 3e times that they are released there. This is also the last Vitesse flight for 2021.

We are in good shape in all positions at the Vitesse, So let's just hope they do it again. Always exciting.

We were there 43 basketed, namely 19 doffers in 24 hens. The designated pigeons also become more difficult by the week. A number of pigeons that did well in the beginning are slowly getting less while other pigeons are getting better. So pointing it out is difficult.

Saturday was cloudy all day with poor visibility and it was decided early on to postpone the flight to Sunday. The outlook was better, however, over the eastern half of the country, clouds would linger all day. Hopefully it would be okay.

Sunday was only around 11.00 hour unloaded. With a North wind the first ones would be there about 4 hours flying over. Speed ​​would be around 75 lying miles per hour.

We heard again from Vincent Bonnes that he 1e pigeon clocked at 15.04,57. We think that was a very early. With us the 1e pigeon clocked at 15.09,16. Luckily this was the 1e signed and the 19-1338264, a 2-year-old cock that can be found early in the results every week. After that it was 9 hens that came home. It turns out that the hens generally do better than the cocks. This is also the case with most other enthusiasts. The pigeons were reasonably well off, not like on the previous sprint flights but nevertheless we were satisfied. Too bad there was still a lot of clouds over twente and that they still had problems with that.

In the club we had this time 2e, 3e in 5e of the association. The designated pigeons (2 of the 3) did we if 2e in the association and as 29e in the association. Too bad the 2e designated pigeon was not there before but that is also pigeon sport. Always waiting to see which pigeons come early. The price percentage stays at the same level every week, this time 56% (24/43) (view the result) Vincent Bonnes again had the 1e in the association and the district. The same hen again, from 19-1338217, a super performance from this 2-year-old hen.

We finished at the top in the various final positions on the Vitesse. (see Appendix) All in all a very good Vitesse championship flown with our pigeons. The loft average was also great, many early pigeons and many pigeons in the price. In addition, our pigeons are in place with the pigeon champions 2 t/ 8.

Now a number of middle distance flights and the young pigeons flights are also starting to arrive. We are busy training our youngsters. Fortunately, the weather has been a bit better the last few weeks and we can train.


Next Thursday another middle distance flight from Chalons en Champagne.


good luck everyone.

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