Saturday 1 it may have been the 3e Sprint race of the season. The first 2 flights were with headwind and a speed for the first pigeon of around the 75 km. The expectation for this flight was the same but the wind had turned to the west so that the first pigeons around the 90 km per hour came out.

Almost everything basketed again this week ( 2 cocks at home) so stayed there 60 over. These were 28 doffers in 32 hens. A nice number every week.

The weather forecast is also good every week so far. Wait in the morning until it warms up a bit and then unloading can be done. The solution was 10.00 hours from Quievrain over a distance of 313 km. Also this time a nice number of 25.000 pigeons that were released throughout the department.

For an early pigeon we had to do something before half 2 have one. And then it always gets exciting when it's almost that late. And about 13.28 hour the first flew in. This time the year old hen 20-1176064. We didn't expect this one but always nice that other pigeons come in front. It almost took 2 minutes when the next one arrived. This was a year old cock, from 20-1176005. After that they were fine, not as great as the first 2 weeks but still a few every minute. Also the designated pigeons (2 of the 3) came as 6e in 7e home.

In the club we had this time 1e, 4e in 7e price (See results) Furthermore, we once again had a very nice price percentage of 72% (43 / 60) Every week around 70%, that is a very high percentage.

We also look good in the stands on the Vitesse and this on both the undesignated and designated stands. In short, the start of the racing season 2021 going well so far. Now try to hold.

Next week 1e middle distance flight from Dize le Gross over a distance of 368 km. According to the latest weather forecast, it will be warmer next weekend. We'll see how that goes.

Good luck everyone with the preparations and see you next week.

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