Quievrain – 7 May 2016

Saturday 7 May the pigeons were released in Quievrain. again the 5e Sprint race of the season. The forecasts for the weather were good and the pigeons were able to change 08.45 hours to be unloaded. This time we had to deal with a SE wind again. Taking into account a distance of 313 km this would mean that the first pigeons are there about 4 hours would fly. About 12.44,45 the first pigeon flew in. This time the 14-1570479, again a hen that in 2015 reeds 2 time about a 1e has flown prize in the Association on Isnes and Tongeren. This time she became 2e in the Association. (See results). From 1e place this time was for V. Bonnes with a yearling hen. Next we had the 3e, 5e, 8e etc.. in 11 pigeons in the first 22 in the Association. The first 11 came great too. We were there 36 basketed and the pigeons dripped in all afternoon. Unfortunately, 2 cocks can't find their way back and they didn't come. In retrospect, it turned out that many pigeons did not have it easy. This is also evident from the fact that the 37 took minutes for the prizes to be distributed. For a distance of 313 km this is much too long and it turns out that often in a release with a SE wind and warm weather the orientation of the pigeons leaves much to be desired.

This Saturday the first Middle Distance race of the season is scheduled, namely St. Quentin over a distance of 379 km. We will probably be between the 30 in 35 inkorven.

Good luck all.

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