Saturday 7 September 6e Natoer flight this season. One more week and then the season is over, been good this year.

We again had all 25 boy basked. For once again a weekend with lower temperatures and a west wind. It had to wait but to 09.10 hour the pigeons could be released. From 1e pigeon was clocked at 12.50,10. From 2e if 12.50,38, from 3e if 12.51,16 in the 4e in 5e if 12.51,17. Thus, within a minute after the first thick, there were already 5 clocked. Then we had to wait a few minutes, but eventually they came back pretty good.

This time we had 17 of the 25 basketed pigeons in the price, an attractive rate 68%. (See results).

This weekend there are 2 flee, a natoervlucht from Niergnies (356 km) and a flight sector for youngsters from Melun (516 km) The weather outlook is good to mention at this time for next weekend, We will see which flight and how much we basketing.

Good luck all.

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