Saturday 20 July Vitesse last flight was on the program and have a distance of from Quievrain 313 km.

We had again 50 pigeons basketed, 21 doffers in 29 hens.

Unfortunately, Saturday was not good enough to solve and the flight was postponed to Sunday, from 1e this year we had a flight on Sunday.

Sunday was fine weather and there was to 07.45 hours to be unloaded.

It was a nice vluchtje, the pigeons had a super departure and they should also be smooth with good weather.

From 1e was to 11.07.52 clocked, This was again the old hen 18-1552171, for the umpteenth time in the early rash. As 2e to one second, the hen was 18-1552126 and clocked 6 seconds, then the 18-1552168. Beautiful 3 old hens on head.

Then the rest came quickly back. Within 5 minutes we had already 16 pigeons in the clock.

When evening the result was made we had 3e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 7e, in 8e of the association, and further 16 pigeons in the first 20 of the association. these pigeons were also also all pretty early in the rayon, 16 pigeons in the first 47 rayon from just over 1.000 pigeons. From 1e in 2e this place once again went to Vincent Bonnes, Vincent also made a nice result. Vincent congratulations. See results

Also called the cost percentage amends, 29 of the 50 in the price, a good percentage of 58%.

As seen on the positions in the association result is we are on the Vitesse, 1e become the association, 2e in the district and 3e in the North Division.

Furthermore, we have the best pigeon on the Vitesse, from 18-1552171 So nice place 1. Furthermore, 3e pigeon association, from 17-1741510. beside 8 pigeons in the first 15 when the pigeon championship in the club. beautiful split, met 1 pigeon 3 year, and 3 pigeons 2 year and 4 pigeons only 1 year old. We have a pretty young team where we hopefully a few years it could further.


This weekend the last middle distance race, what the unloading is not yet known. It is very hot this week. As it is now, there is basketed Friday night for a middle distance race of about the near 350 km. We'll see what the.


All success and a place in the shade is recommended.

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