Saturday 25 Mei de 5e Vitesse Flight Season.

We were there 55 basketed, 22 doffers in 33 hens.

The pigeons were on time, 08.00 unloaded and the weather was good. However, there was an N-wind so they had to head.

The former would in the 4 hours should be able to. On 11.47,47 was also clocked our first pigeon, from 17-1741510 hen. As 2e dove it was 18-1552158 hen.

We had a moment, a fat 3 minute wait for our 3e but then they came quickly in succession. About 12,05, So fifteen minutes later there were already 34 of the 55 back. This one 34 all had price, again a nice percentage of 62%. However, the hens were better off than the cocks, the first 12 were all hens.

In the association we had the 2e in 4e place. From 1e this time was once again for V. Good. Click here for the results

This weekend a middle distance race from Peronne over a distance of approximately 380 km.


Allen again success.

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