Quievrain 29 april 2017

Saturday 29 April again the 4e Sprint race of the season. We had this time 41 pigeons basketed, 24 hens and 17 doffers. Older males that do not perform, we leave home. The yearling cocks go far all week on the flight.

The predictions of the weather were good name. The skies were good, nice bruises, visibility was only the temperature on the low side. There was a variable wind that was in southern Belgium and the Netherlands turned in to the North West. Against 09.45 hour was good enough, according to the commission to resolve Lossings. They had finally once a quick departure.

Quievrain is for us 313 km so that a South and then North West wind yet again a few hours of flying. About 13.22 there came 2 swoops, they flew a small circle and end up 13.23.09 was the first in the clock. Another yearling, from 16-1173607. From 2e registered pigeon 2 Seconds later and number 3 was already coming. The first 14 came back in just perfect 5 minutes. In the first 10 already 2 doffers in 8 hens. Further, sat at the first 14 pigeons 8 yearlings. It's nice to see. The yearlings doing good so far.

In making the results (See results) we saw again that the fans of De Lutte had done well. In the first 40 pigeons were 2 pigeon enthusiasts from Oldenzaal, other 38 all came from De Lutte. In. Bonnes again had the 1e of the association, followed by J. Bekkedam. Then came a bunch of pigeons us. We had the 3e, 4e, 5e, 7e, 8e, 9e, 11e, 14e etc. with 14 pigeons in the first 26 in the Association and in association with quite a number of good lovers. Super rash so. Even the designated pigeons came well off this time. From 8e in 14e Association against total 299 pigeons.

If we now look at the standings shows that we in the Association and even in Collaboration with 6 associations on the 1e standing place. That's pretty taken with it but we are only 4 flight route and are only at the beginning of the season. Very beautiful, we find that when the pigeon championship 1e place the 16-1173600 state. A yearling cock. It has been quite a while since the cocks at the top of the rankings competed for the championships.

The middle distance races will start next weekend. From 1e flight will go from Laon and that over a distance of 382 km. The wind will most likely blow from the northeast, so it will already be a tough flight in that respect. We'll be there again about between 35 in 40 join. A nice number for this kind of flights. Basketing is already underway on Thursday evening.

Good luck all.

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