Quievrain 27 May 2017

Saturday 27 May we had another Vitesse flight from Quievrain over a distance of 314 km. We had basketed and everything that is in total 37 birds which 23 hens and 14 doffers.

The prospects were not too favorable namely, south east wind, warm, crisp etc.. and you know in advance if it's going to be difficult. Fortunately, we have one Vitesse flight and no day long distance as do almost all other departments. This day long distance we already had last week. This has shifted since most fans do not want basketing on Ascension.

The pigeons were released at 07.00 happy hour and had a quick exit at the unloading. Normally they would with a thick 3,5 hour flight back to his home. However, this was not the case. We had from Gelderland already learned that the competition was not fast speeds and significantly lower than expected.

About 11.14 h was first flown, This time it was the yearling hen 16-1173660. The former were not really smooth but it was with other fans otherwise. Again there were many yearlings which were among the first, and we are still very satisfied.

Evenings at making the results showed that the combination J. Bekkedam an M. Blockhuis of 1e in 2e conquered place, perfect gentlemen, nicely done and also a very good result. We had this time 5e, 6e, 9e, 10e etc. of the association, and also 14 pigeons in the first 35 in the association, Once again a very good result. (See results)

In the various positions we're doing so far still super good. The Vitesse, Midfond, General speed and we are at the top. Furthermore, we find it great that several pigeons of our stand at various pigeon champions and these are almost exclusively yearlings, nice to see.

This weekend again a middle distance flight, and hopefully the temperature drops and the wind to the west so that fresh ocean air can flow into the Netherlands and Belgium. (at present, the 33 degrees and sweltering, for ourselves but also for the pigeons not)

Good luck all and until next week.

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