Saturday 9 June already the last race of this season Vitesse, time flies. The weeks fly by really.

We do this in all positions, both Vitesse, Midfond, Speed ​​for both the loft and the pigeon championship championship still great. But one does takes the cake. Our 17-1741529 old hen, already 8 consecutive to the first in the results, both in society but also in a wider context.

The old hen is therefore almost all the top positions. The last Vitesse flight approaching it or exciting, partly due to the fact that Friday afternoon, a number of hours before basketting the pigeon leaf "the track of champions" on the mat fell containing an intermediate position of the National Vitesse Dove Championship. Because we as a department still had a flight balance on the Vitesse would have thrilled the 529 one more time would be early results. Thus, they would do really well as us with a very good rank. exciting!

We had this time 42 basketed, 18 doffers in 24 hens, still a nice number and the 10e race of the season.

The weather this time was not really with it, while all was well again best time in Netherlands, that was not the case everywhere. In Belgium was persistent cloudiness and thereby poor views. It took a while to adjust to 14.00 hours, the pigeons were released. The release committee had a long wait but better late than early with poor views etc. The departure to the unloading point was good and was now waiting to see how the progress was going.

The long wait was rewarded on Saturday around. Again, for the umpteenth (9e)time came 17-1741529 swoops. This time she came down really hard and she did not even extra round. So in this regard does not waste a second. We got the times by other spectators and then turned again she would again sit at the first pigeons in the club. A little phoned around the surrounding villages and then showed again that very few birds were previously. At that point we knew that it would sit well.

The other birds came again this time at home. Better than last week. A beautiful flight and 313 km a nice distance for Vitesse.

All 42 birds have returned and this time we had a nice price percentage 45%. Also 15 pigeons in the first 42 in the association. Our 529 this time had 3e price of the association and was eventually Rayon 5e. Again, an achievement for which the "National Championship Vitesse Pigeon" would provide the necessary points. We were obviously very pleased. Click here for the association results.

Now the positions are drawn again proves that 17-1741529 in the department 1e has become the Vitesse championship. Super and an old hen.

The National Championship Vitesse Dove is remains to be seen but we will see in the coming weeks to any place she has landed. We are in that regard curious.

Next week 4e Middle distance flight 2018. Hopefully once with a nice west wind. already basketing Thursday.

Success all next week.

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