Saturday 9 July already the last sprint flight from Quievrain over a distance of 313 km.

We participate a nice number of pigeons every week, this time there were 28 namely 12 doffers in 16 hens. Almost all pigeons from the previous ones 12 flights minimum 10 prices have flown. There is one hen that hasn't missed yet, then some (8) die 11 have prices and the rest almost all 10 price.

The pigeons were released at 07.15 hour, quite early but the views and skies were good to unload them early. This time the wind came from the south, a calm breeze which makes the speed for the first pigeons around the 90 would be. About 10.53,55 therefore became the 1e pigeon clocked, this time it was the birthday boy 21-1298237. We didn't see it coming but went down smoothly. As 2e pigeon was again the 21-1598225 clocked at 10.55,06, this hen has already flown several top prizes in the Vitesse and is now in good shape again. As 3e pigeon was the 2 year old hen 20-1176084 which can be found in the headline of the results almost every week, she was clocked at 10.56,06. All 3 Early birds.

The other pigeons came back very well after that. A fat 20 minutes after the 1e pigeon there was were there already 24 of the 28 passed over the antenna. Later it turned out that this 24 all included in the price. This time a very nice percentage of 86%.

Furthermore, in the association we took the 1e, 2e in 3e place (See results). An achievement that can be there. And that on the last sprint flight. The designated pigeons came as 4e in 5e of the antenna. We needed this to finish among the first in the Department in the designated sprint championship.

Now that the final positions are here (compuclub) do we see that we 1e designated Vitesse champion in the entire department 9 have become. A fantastic result from our pigeons. At the undesignated championship we stand on a neat 5e place in the department 9. Both championships with very high points numbers. This closes the vitesse flights in a dignified way.

Next week the last middle distance flight of this season from Dizy le Gross.

Good luck with the preparations and see you next week.

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