Quievrain 10 June 2017

Saturday 10 June already the 7e sprint race of the season. Again it was Quievrain what was planned.

This time we had 31 basketed, 12 doffers in 19 hens. The weather forecasts were excellent. clear skies, good views, zw calm wind, etc..

They were then released at 08.00 hour and had a super departure.

To sit early in the outcome, we calculated that we had around 11.15 hours had to sit. And indeed 11.16 hour came 1e swoops. It was the 15-1331400 white flight hen. This hen also super flown last year and hopefully they keep it a few weeks full. When the pigeon champions she is also mentioned. As 2e it was 14-1570479 a hen that several times last year 1e the loft and was also 1e in the association. Then the rest really came out great.

Within fifteen minutes there were already 24 arrived. And no 10 minutes later they were all back home. A beautiful flight and the door of the loft could this time for the very fast first time this year closed and a flight over a distance of 314 km.

In the result we had this time 1e, 2e, 3e, 4e, 6e, 7e, in 9e of the association, and further 14 at the first 20. A super result. Not only in the society but also in the district and circuit. All in all we had 24 of the 31 in the price, a very attractive rate 78% (See results)

Hopefully the doves still several weeks of. They are still 3 middle distance races and 1 sprint race.

This weekend a middle distance race to Chalons en Champagne. As it stands now, we will be back around 30 inkorven. Each week, play is very important for the rhythm of the pigeons, this is definitely the hens but also for the cocks. If the regular flights with a distance 300 in 450 km that's also.

All success in the coming weeks, hou flight!!

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