Saturday 5e Middle distance race of the season. A season with mostly spicy flights. This time Peronne was the release point at a distance of 390 km.

We were there 38 basketed, namely 17 doffers in 21 hens.

From 17-1741529 hen will not attend, and get peace. She is on the provisional list of Vitesse Dove championship WHZB / TBOTB on 1e place. A great result. Some departments had last weekend their last sprint race and now it remains to be seen what there is and whether they 1e place can hold. We will see in the coming weeks. But still a great achievement for the old hen 529.

The morning weather was right and, therefore, could be discharged to 08.15 hour. however there was a strong gusty wind from the North West. One minute, almost no wind and later it blew tremendously, In that respect difficult conditions.

We stood in the middle distance on the part designated in all positions on the upper spots. Logical because our 17-1741529 already 3 time was early in the middle distance and 4e our flight 15-1331400 white flight hen as 2e designated pigeon perched early results. We therefore had the 15-1331400 Now the 1e put designated place.

If the 1e pigeon arrives fly and you see that it is a blue white flight then you already know enough, from 400 is back on time. We clocked her at 13.31,21. We had heard that our club member V. Bonnes already had a pigeon but many early birds were not. The penalty NW wind the pigeons came off very smoothly, but they still come quite home.

That was proved when we evening rash on makeup. We had this time 3e, 5e, 6e, in 7e of the association and also 10 pigeons in the first 23 in the association. Click here for the results. We were quite satisfied. Fantastic natural that our 15-1331400 again if nominated pigeon was early so we are at the middle distance on the designated championship in both the association, rayon, around, middle distance club on 1e standing place. This is now super nice but could be different next week as. It is always difficult to predict what will come dove early results.

Next week again a middle distance race from Nanteuil over a distance of 463 km. As the outlook now will again be a tough race. Temperatures of about 27 degrees and a NE wind forecast not too much good.

For the youngsters it will be an exciting weekend because 1e drilling of the circle is from Groesbeek on the program, over a distance of 90 km. How this will go is still questionable!

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