Saturday 1 juni the 3e Middle distance flight this season. Again everything, and there are a total 55, 22 doffers in 33 hens.

It was on the whole fly line well and was right on time, 08.00 hours of release from Peronne over a distance of 390 km.

The wind was blowing from the South to South West, hence the speeds of the first birds to the 100 would mph.

After a thick 4 hour flight was the first flown, she was clocked at 12.14,13. It was the yearling hen 18-1552181. This hen had the 2e flight this year already 1e flown in the organization and a 4e in Rayon to more than 3.200 pigeons. As 2e We dove the 18-1552171 clocked. They also had the 2e flight as a great achievement 3e end of the association and 10 in the district.

Then the birds came back fine. Every minute or several. Other enthusiasts we heard that they had to wait quite long for their 2e pigeon but fortunately it was us or else.

In the result we came up with our 1e dove visit the 3e place and a further 6e, 8e, 9e etc with much more early birds. In the first 50 the outcome we had 25 stand. Then you can say that they have done it in our strong association. This time was the Koen Seiger 1e in our association. This was also the 1e dove into our Rayon 4. Koen super done, Congrats.

Of the 55 basketed pigeons sat there 35 in the price, a very attractive price rate 64%. Click here for the results.

This weekend again a Vitesse flight, probably from Quivrain.

Furthermore, we have started our training flights 69 youngsters. We they themselves put away a few times now and already a number of times with some enthusiasts to us from the village of De Lutte. To date, this well. It takes a while before they are at home but to date few losses, hopefully continue in the coming weeks so.

Good luck this weekend.

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